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13 Jan 2023

A new year begins!
Hello witches, wizards, and wixen alike!

We’d like to thank EVERYONE for jumping onto our forever home, making characters, and settling in. We’re still testing things, so if you notice problems please speak up! We will also be adding info posts and circulating information over the next few weeks. If you have questions please ask and we'll find the information for you (and also put it up quicker, probably!)

We have our first SWEs for the new school year up and ready to reply to! For students, the Hogwarts Express is leaving from Platform 9 3/4 at 11am sharp, so don’t be late! After the ride, come to the Great Hall for the sorting and the welcome feast!

And for graduates, a few days before the school year starts, Diagon Alley is cleaning up following a devastating attack. Make sure to make the most of these threads and the double sparks (4x in SWEs!) until the end of Febrary!

If you’d like to see any particular SWEs or have any requests, now is the perfect time to reply to this thread with your ideas! This is the best way to influence the overall vibe of the year, and we love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, prefects and quidditch captains for 1980-81 have been decided! Check out the list here. There are plenty of spots still up for grabs, so speak to staff if you’d like one!
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01 Jan 2023

Welcome Back Home
Welcome back and happy new year! It has been a while but this is our brand new site for all things EH and we'd like to thank you all for your patience by giving every player who signs up by end of February 1,000 welcome sparks. We will be awarding double sparks for all posts during this time too!

Further, we will be resuming our monthly challenges and hope that this month's picks might assist with brushing off the cobwebs and giving you a chance to start anew with your characters. Moving forward, as the sites will be separate now, we will look at the best way of running these challenges and may alter the amount set in future. Any suggestions are welcomed. Check them out here. Please bear with us as we transfer sparks across to your characters from the temporary sites as you remake your characters on this site.

All existing characters will be approved immediately, however, any characters you wish to tweak will need to go through the approval process. If you plan on dropping any characters, please let us know so we can update any necessary threads. Some site features are not quite ready but get excited because they shouldn’t be too far away.

For reposting of old threads (if you desire), we have a dedicated forum here so you can reference back to what has already happened or for timeline purporses. No threads in here will be counted for sparks. Please do not repost any older threads in RP forums as they have already been counted.

I hope you all are just as excited as we are and we can’t wait to write with you!