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02 Apr 2023

April Awaits!
April Challenges are up!

Quidditch teams have been finalised! The threads are in the respective house common rooms. If anyone wants to start team threads, feel free to contact a staffer for consideration of them being SWEs. If for whatever reason you don’t have the appropriate quidditch-related badge, message a staffer and we’ll fix it for you.

We don’t have new SWEs for you this month, because of the huge number still active and available to write in.Anything from karaoke nights to squib attacks, classes and clubs, and duelling opportunities, are waiting for you in the Official SWE List!

We were a bit behind on character of the month, so we’ve decided to combine March / April nominations! There are 2 for EH at present - jump into the channel and show some love to your fellow members. The poll will go out in about 2 weeks, and remember there’s a swanky on-site button up for grabs.

Happy writing!
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02 Mar 2023

March Madness!
Happy March, everyone! On EH we have a few things to announce.

Firstly, anyone wanting to be considered for a quidditch team has TWO WEEKS to post in tryouts. That's until Friday 17th! After this date, captains will pick their teams, and only people who have posted will be considered.

Our new SWEs for march include an all new rumour-filled gossip column hitting the halls of Hogwarts and leaving everyone a-flurry. Get involved in the Rumour Mill SWE here!

We've also put up a new set of classes for students. For every 100 words you write in a class thread, you will earn yourself 1 house point!!! Lets start raking it in, teams!
Flying: First Years, Second Years.
Divination: Third Years, Fourth Years, Fifth Years.
Wandlore: Sixth Years, Seventh Years.

And for grads, we have an Underground event! Come to the junction to source unique and dangerous items (or even just some really, really strong alcohol) in this market-style event, which is the perfect cover for some illegal activity, and the perfect opportunity to duel to your heart's content. If you would like numbers to be drawn for duels, just let a staffer know!

Check out the March challenges here, and don't forget to vote for March COTM on discord!

And finally, keep your eyes peeled for a new shiny coding feature on EH, currently in the testing phase. It'll be hot off the press sometime this month...
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07 Feb 2023

Changes to Enchanted Hogwarts Lore
As you are likely aware, a new Harry Potter game is being released next week and staff understand that many concernshave been raised over a problematic storyline which has highlighted discussions surrounding the goblins antisemitic backstory. Enchanted Hogwarts does not stand for any racist and discriminatory behaviour and would like to assure all members of this point.

Acknowledging the similarities with Harry Potter’s lore and racist stereotypes, we have taken the decision to make the following amendments to our own alternate universe lore:


- The depiction of Goblins is being edited, they are now described as having small button noses, with dark black eyes and they are short in stature.

- Part-goblins are often below 4ft5 but can otherwise inherit mostly human or goblin features.

- As with other species, Goblins do not have wands or rights. However, Part-goblins who appear more human (such as Professor Fillius Flitwick) can be admitted to Hogwarts and are allowed to have wands.


- The Gringotts Wizarding Bank was created in 1474 by a Goblin named Gringott. It was later taken over by the Ministry of Magic who continue to own Gringotts today.

- The Ministry forced the Goblins to continue to work at Gringotts where they have remained ever since the opening of the bank.

- However in September 1980, Goblins have decided to leave Gringotts, some have chosen to join the fight with the other half-breeds for equal rights. The Ministry of Magic have needed to place temporary employees in charge of Gringotts and things are not going so well as they are unfamiliar with the safety precautions imposed by the Goblins. The SWE which discusses the mass exodus and widespread panic of the strike can be found here

- Temporarily, there may be a plotline for wizards and witches to assist with working at Gringotts. Please note that ultimately, the more menial tasks will probably be given to house-elves etc. so these positions may well not last and will likely be initially given to less experienced members of the Ministry who do not perform critical roles.

Newly Playable

- We are also excited to announce that you can now play part-Goblins! Should you prefer your character to look less human and more Goblin, we ask that no face claim be used - as no edited celebrity faces will be accepted - and to instead include a description clearly detailing their appearance. If you would like for the part-Goblin to appear more human then please request a face claim as usual. Please be careful to not base your characte off of any offensive stereotypes.

We would also like to remind members that Enchanted Hogwarts does not stand for the original author’s views. In specific, offensive comments have been made (and continue to be made) regarding transgender individuals. Enchanted Hogwarts prides itself on being fully inclusive. Whilst we may love the world that was built in Harry Potter, we and many others, have distanced ourselves from the author entirely. Harry Potter was successful because it gave us somewhere to escape to and it felt (for the time) liberal and inclusive. Enchanted Hogwarts continues to be inclusive and where necessary, canon lore will be amended.

Should any member have any concern regarding any further aspect of the lore, please contact us so that we may review. We want to ensure the site is enjoyable for everyone.
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01 Feb 2023

Quidditch & Clubs & Karaoke, oh my!
For EH, we have Quidditch Tryouts! Post in this thread to express your interest in trying out, and then go write in the tryout SWE!

Grads, enjoy Karaoke at the Leaky Cauldron, an event to raise money for repairs to Diagon Alley!

It is also LAST CALL for club captains! Please message a staff member ASAP if you're interested in a captaincy - those who've applied, we'll be sending messages during the week letting you know if you were successful :relaxed:

If you're interested in joining the Slug Club, have a look at the information here.

And finally, we have Challenges for the month!
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13 Jan 2023

A new year begins!
Hello witches, wizards, and wixen alike!

We’d like to thank EVERYONE for jumping onto our forever home, making characters, and settling in. We’re still testing things, so if you notice problems please speak up! We will also be adding info posts and circulating information over the next few weeks. If you have questions please ask and we'll find the information for you (and also put it up quicker, probably!)

We have our first SWEs for the new school year up and ready to reply to! For students, the Hogwarts Express is leaving from Platform 9 3/4 at 11am sharp, so don’t be late! After the ride, come to the Great Hall for the sorting and the welcome feast!

And for graduates, a few days before the school year starts, Diagon Alley is cleaning up following a devastating attack. Make sure to make the most of these threads and the double sparks (4x in SWEs!) until the end of Febrary!

If you’d like to see any particular SWEs or have any requests, now is the perfect time to reply to this thread with your ideas! This is the best way to influence the overall vibe of the year, and we love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, prefects and quidditch captains for 1980-81 have been decided! Check out the list here. There are plenty of spots still up for grabs, so speak to staff if you’d like one!
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01 Jan 2023

Welcome Back Home
Welcome back and happy new year! It has been a while but this is our brand new site for all things EH and we'd like to thank you all for your patience by giving every player who signs up by end of February 1,000 welcome sparks. We will be awarding double sparks for all posts during this time too!

Further, we will be resuming our monthly challenges and hope that this month's picks might assist with brushing off the cobwebs and giving you a chance to start anew with your characters. Moving forward, as the sites will be separate now, we will look at the best way of running these challenges and may alter the amount set in future. Any suggestions are welcomed. Check them out here. Please bear with us as we transfer sparks across to your characters from the temporary sites as you remake your characters on this site.

All existing characters will be approved immediately, however, any characters you wish to tweak will need to go through the approval process. If you plan on dropping any characters, please let us know so we can update any necessary threads. Some site features are not quite ready but get excited because they shouldn’t be too far away.

For reposting of old threads (if you desire), we have a dedicated forum here so you can reference back to what has already happened or for timeline purporses. No threads in here will be counted for sparks. Please do not repost any older threads in RP forums as they have already been counted.

I hope you all are just as excited as we are and we can’t wait to write with you!